Gutenberg is a default WordPress editor now, so it is not a surprise that we included post and product suggestions Gutenberg block into Suggestion Toolkit WordPress plugin. It can be found under the “Widgets” section of the block list.

However product suggestions available only in the Suggestion Toolkit – Advanced WordPress plugin. So, if you want to suggest products inside your blog post consider an upgrade. The advanced version of the plugin also provides automation functionality that can be useful on a big blog.

Relevant Related Posts block  can be found under "Widgets"
Relevant Related Posts block can be found under “Widgets”

Here is the life example of the post and product suggestion block:

Gutenberg Related Posts and Products Block Configuration

Once a block is added to the post, it can be configured according to your requirements. You can configure layout and styles, search keywords that will be used to generate the list of the suggestions. As you may expect, you can also configure the types and numbers of the posts that will be listed in a suggestion block. Sure you can add separated by comma lists of post IDs that should be included or excluded from the suggestions.

Relevant Related Posts Gutenberg block configuration
Relevant Related Posts Gutenberg block configuration

Configuration consists of several sections.

Basic – allows to configure search keywords.

Layout & styles – defines the layout, alignment and some other related configurations.

Post types – defines how many suggestions of each type to display. Certainly, the basic version operates only with blog posts.

IDs include/exclude – allows manually include and exclude certain posts or products from the suggestions. However, if you want to manipulate suggestions during some time-frames or events/holidays take a look at Suggestion Toolkit – Events WordPress plugin.

Post and Product Suggestions and WordPress Search Engines – Relevanssi, SearchWP, ElasticPress and Default Search Engine

Suggestion Toolkit WordPress plugin works quite well with default WordPress search. It implements quite good caching and should not slow down the website. However more powerful search plugins like Relevanssi, SearchWP, ElasticPress will work better. You should also take into consideration that specialized search plugins are often more configurable, flexible, and has much faster indexes. So, we highly recommend using our plugin with one of the specialized search engines/plugins.

Gutenberg Block – Displays Post and Product Recommendations