Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It is especially popular among makers and creative people. Almost all of them have a history behind what they are doing. The best and most natural way to tell the story to other people is through a blog. For sure, blogging can attract targeted traffic to your store. This is well known and widely used practice. But we are not going to discuss this in this article.

As far as WordPress is the most popular and flexible blogging platform and we are creating plugins for WordPress, let’s talk about how to include product recommendations from your Etsy shop right into your blog post.

If you are interested in affiliate income from the Etsy e-commerce platform, this option is available in our recommendation plugin. You can read an article about Etsy affiliate recommendations.

Etsy WordPress Plugin Setup

Plugin installation is pretty standard. But first of all, you will need to install the Suggestion Toolkit WordPress plugin, because the Suggestion Toolkit – Etsy extends its functionality and relies on its basic features.

When the Suggestion Toolkit is installed, then you can install the Etsy extension from the Extensions section of the basic plugin.

Suggestion Toolkit - Etsy
Suggestion Toolkit – Etsy extension plugin configuration

Adding Etsy Recommendations to the Blog Post

Once the plugin is configured, you may add Etsy product recommendations to your blog posts. Block settings are pretty standard and you can mix different recommendation types.

Suggestion Toolkit - Etsy
Suggestion Toolkit – Etsy extension plugin configuration

Etsy Product Suggestion Plugin Example

The best way to attract potential customers is to show them the products and catch their attention visually. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, our plugin allows us to include visual recommendations right in the post body. Here is a live example of Etsy product recommendations inside a blog post:

Etsy Affiliate Recommendations

You can also use our Automation plugin that allows configuring recommendations for all your posts or other post types. It allows to display of recommendations with preconfigured settings right after the article, a certain number of first paragraphs, a certain number of paragraphs at the end of the article, or display recommendations in a popup that appears when a certain percentage of the article is scrolled down. Learn more about the Automation WordPress plugin from our knowledge base article. This WordPress extension allows showing product recommendations according to your settings inside or after the blog post, or even as popup recommendations.

Etsy Product Recommendation WordPress Plugin