Etsy extension for Suggestion Toolkit WordPress plugin integrates Etsy API into the existing plugin. It enables Etsy product recommendations from Etsy global marketplace or particular Etsy shop into any WordPress blog or website. As far as Etsy has quite a good partnership program, our Etsy extension also enables affiliate links for each Etsy product promotion (optional) and allows earning some affiliate revenue.

Here is a small example of Etsy products recommended right next to blog post recommendations. You can also notice affiliate links on these product recommendations.

Etsy recommendations example (posts + etsy product recommendations)

Etsy Own Shop Product Recommendation Block Settings

One of the available ways to use this plugin is to promote your own products from your Etsy shop on the pages of your blog. To implement this, you have just to add the “Suggestion Toolkit” block to the correct place, open the block configuration tab, select the post types section, tick-off the “Etsy my store” item, and define the number of the products that should be included in the recommendation widget. Etsy shop ID should be configured from the admin interface.

Etsy product suggestions configuration - recommend from own shop
Etsy product suggestions configuration – recommend from own shop

You can also display suggestion blocks inside your blog articles, above or right after them, even as a popup that appears once a certain percent of the article is scrolled down. To achieve this, you should use the Suggestion Toolkit – Automation extension. You can read more about this extension and its functionality in a related knowledgebase article.

Etsy Affiliate Recommendation Block Settings

For sure, the most common usage of this extension is to include into the blog posts product recommendations with affiliate links. It is quite natural to recommend products related to the blog posts right in the article. You can target recommendations by selecting the correct search keywords.

Etsy product suggestions configuration
Etsy product suggestions configuration

Sure, we recommend using the Suggestion Toolkit – Automation extension to get more options for automatically generated blocks with the affiliate product recommendations. This very useful extension allows displaying recommendations above, inside, after the post. It also allows enabling popup recommendations that will attract reader attention.

You can read more about this extension and its functionality in a related knowledgebase article.

Recommendations Block Customization

Right now some basic customization is available right from the block configuration menu/tab.

Relevant related posts settings
Relevant related posts settings

You can read about some advanced methods of Suggestion Toolkit block layout and design customization in the related knowledgebase article.

Etsy Extension – WP Block & Widget Settings