Plugin installation is pretty standard. But first of all, you will need to install the Suggestion Toolkit WordPress plugin (plugin installation instructions), because the Suggestion Toolkit – Etsy extends its functionality and relies on its basic features.

When the Suggestion Toolkit is installed, then you can install the Etsy extension from the Extensions section of the basic plugin. You can find more information about extensions installation in our knowledge base.

Etsy Extension Settings

Once the Etsy Affiliate Suggestions extension is installed it requires some configuration before the extension will work properly. You should obtain and fill the following settings:

  • “Etsy application key”;
  • “Awin publisher ID” (optional);
  • “Etsy shop ID” (optional);
  • “Etsy shop location” (very optional).
Suggestion Toolkit – Etsy extension plugin configuration

We are trying to provide the required information right on the settings page. However, let’s review each configuration parameter to understand which ones will you need for your particular installation and where to obtain them.

Etsy Application Key

Usually, each API involved in a website or application requires some API key for access to that API. Same story here, you will need to create an Etsy Developer account and obtain an Etsy application key.

Fill Etsy app creation form

One may ask why we are forcing everybody to register their own Etsy application with its specific application key? The reason is very simple. Like many other API providers, Etsy sets rate limits. So, we do not want all the websites that use our plugin to depend on one single Etsy app key rate limit.

Here is an example of app details that we recommend. We do not recommend selecting extra options to avoid manual verifications by Etsy staff and delays.

App details required by Etsy WordPress extension

Etsy Affilite Program – AWIN publisher ID or Affiliate ID

The extension allows earning some affiliate commission from Etsy. To do more than just recommend your products on the website, but gain some affiliate revenue, you should register an AWIN account and get an Affiliate ID.

Example of AWIN affiliate profile with the affiliate ID

You can read Etsy affiliate rules on the Etsy affiliate page.

Etsy Shop ID

Alternatively, you may want just to promote goods from your own store then you can add your store ID here in the configuration interface.

Enter Etsy shop URL or ID directly
Enter Etsy shop URL or ID directly

If you do not know your Etsy shop ID, then you can just copy your shop URL to the “Etsy shop URL” field and click the “Get Etsy Shop ID” button. We will find your Shop ID via Etsy API.

Etsy shop location

That is a very optional setting, in case you want to limit product recommendations by a certain location.

Etsy Extension – Account & Affiliate Setup