[sp_grid cols='3' rows='3' width='50%' align='center']

Social Photo Grid possible parameters:

  • cols – number of columns in the grid;
  • rows – number of rows in the grid;
  • width – width of the grid;
  • align – alignment the grid on the page.

Here is an example of how the photo grid will look like:

Social photo slider short code example:

[sp_slider width='50%' align='center']

Social Photo Slider possible parameters:

  • width – width of the slider;
  • height – height of the slider;
  • autostart – automatically change the sliders of the slider;
  • loop – loop the slides in the slider;
  • delay – delay between between the slide changes, when slider is enabled in “autostart” mode;
  • total – number of slides to show from the social media source;
  • align – alignment of the slider on the page.

Here is an example of the photo slider slider: