How to send email with attachment from Erlang

Today I am going to publish small script for sending email from Erlang. It is quite simple. The idea was taken from some other script (not mine, but I do not know who is an author. Sorry for that). Actually many linux users or at least admins will find it familar.

Main difference from original code, that I have found in the Internet, is that this script allows attachments. It does not cover all possible cases, but you can simply modify it for your needs.

Erlang captcha code for websites

Today I want to publish simple Erlang captcha library. It uses very simple algorithm - code & captcha image is generated and file name contains code itself. So, if file exists, than code entered correctly. Once code is entered, file is deleted. One can reload (in terms of web) or generate new code. In this case old file will be removed and new generated.

Read complete article: Erlang captcha code for websites

HTML & CSS embeded images. PHP example available.

Sometimes it is important to show the images very fast, even before all content is fully loaded. In this cases it is possible to embed images into HTML or CSS. Find more information about this approach and its limitations in this article.

Gedit plugin: Template plugin / New from template

I am not sure how many people finding Gedit good enough as an editor for programming purposes, but I am using it exactly that way and quite happy with its functionality. Especially I like its integration with gnome virtual file system, that allows it to work directly on remote hosts, and ability to use and create new plugins for it.

Here is a brief description & download link of template plugin I have written for myself. So, you may find it useful too.