3 good reasons not to use php template engines! Say NO to Smarty!

Friendly speaking I thought that I would never touch this topic,  but recently I had to apply changes and fixes to one project and was really surprised to see template engine that uses str_replace...

What is Erlang open_port and os:cmd? Erlang shell command execution and communication with shell process.

Sometimes it happens that you need to execute external command. Same happens when you are programming Erlang. Usually it is enough to use os:cmd. It executes the command and returns the result. But sometimes you need to start command and communicate with it during the command execution. In this article I am showing how to implement both approaches.

PHP & MySQL time zones. With examples and configuration.

For one of my projects I needed to change time zone depending on user location. Time zones had to be changed both in php and mysql. While for php everything was very simple, I had to do some preparation steps before I was able to change current time zone for mysql. So, goal of this artile to provide simple and brief explanation on how to configure and use time zones in php and mysql.

Erlang float to integer

Today I decided to write very small article. I think it may be interesting for programmers who came to Erlang from Java, C++ or C. From the point of view of Erlang developer everything is very simple...

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Gedit indent/unindent hot keys

I my post on twitter I was incorrect, so just decided to post it here:

Gedit indent - select lines & just press TAB

Gedit unindent - select lines & just press Shift+TAB

If you are using Gedit for coding, you can find my post about Gedit templates plugin useful.

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