Javascript hash functions to convert string into integer hash.

A collection of hash functions implemented in Javascript. Functions are useful for browser-side string processing, but as far as server side scripting in Javascript becoming more and more popular, these functions may be helpful for server side scripting too. if you just want to have a good hash function, and cannot wait, djb2 is one of the best string hash functions i know.

Erlang geocoding via Google Maps API v3

Just decided to publish Erlang wrapper module for Google geocoding cervice. It is based on Google Maps V3 cervice, as Google Maps v2 is going to be depricated soon.

PHP server side geocoding with Google Maps API v3

Article describes how to implement geo coding with Google Maps API v3 from the PHP script. Example of PHP class is published also. Sometimes it is enough and even better to do geo coding server side and store results to the database. This particular situation is described in this article.

Erlang string to IP coversion and IP to string conversion. Works for IPv6 string to Erlang IP tuple conversion and Erlang IP tule to IPv6 address string.

Today I had to convert string to IP for one of my Erlang modyles. Preaty simple operation, but I decided to describe this here in my blog.

Erlang convert IP to integer & integer to IP.

Erlang code converting IP to integer and integer to IP

Jut needed to convert ip to integer for Erlang project and have not found code via Google. So decided to post it here for anybody who will find it helpful.