Mysql partitioning & subpartitioning for MySQL scalability

Many of us sooner or later have to scale our web applications. When we are talking about scalability we are always talking about the data and data storage. There are many options for data storage nowdays as relational databases, key-value storages and document oriented storages , but great part of web applications are using MySQL relational database as the main data storage maibly because of its flexebility. This article describes one of the MySQL scaling approaches - partitioning.

MySQL master-slave and master-master replication. Step by step configuration instructions.

Simple step by step instructions for MySQL master-slave and master-master replication setup with some security conciderations. This article was written to reflect some changes that took place in the latest versions of MySQL database server.

Twitter & facebook bookmarklets update

Today I am just publishing bug fix update of Twitter and Facebook bookmarklets. To explain a little to the people who are not using them yet. This bookmarklets allowing to select the texts on any web page and post it to the selected social network - twitter or facebook.

Erlang: How to integrate C with Erlang program example or Erlang NIFs (Native Implemented Functions) usage

Erlang NIF (Native Code Functions) example. Basically article shows how to connect the library written in C and compiled with GNU gcc to the erlang code. That is very important when speed optimisation is required for some Erlang code piece. Example is very basic and just shows types conversion between two languages.

PHP 5.4 updates I love most of all. Like php file uploads & mysql query result

A few days ago I have looked through the changes that were applied to PHP in its last  release of PHP 5.4 and was impressed by them. I think that small version number change brought the changes that could be compared to the ones that added real OOP to PHP language. So, I decided to review briefly some of them. Hope somebody will find this article interesting....