Erlang IPv6 string to Erlang IP tuple and Erlang IP tuple to IPv6 string

Today I want to write small article about relatively simple subject - string IPv6 string to Erlang tuple conversion and visa versa. In most cases one can define IP directly in tuple format. But sometimes it is required to parse some type of configuration file or user input, for example user input from web interface. So, I hope this article will be useful for somebody

PHP MySQL prepared SQL statement vs SQL statement

I should confess - I am already using MySQL prepared statements for some time, but very rarely and mainly because they can make certain scripts more readable. As many of us I have read a lot of articles about coolness of prepared statements and that I should use them because of security and speed improvements. Finally my —Āuriosity won and I decided to test prepared statements against ordinary SQL statements myself. Friendly speaking I was impressed by the results I got....

Twitter bookmarklet -select & tweet

I have started using tublr some time ago and really love its bookmarklet features (and actually the service itself too). So, I decided to implement bookmarklet that implements at least one of the features I like - ability to tweet selected text.

Facebook bookmarklet - post selection to Facebook

Just looked to standard Facebook bookmarklet and found that it does not allow to select some text and share it with friends. As I would like to be able to do this and as far as I have already implemented similar twitter bookmarklet, I decided to create and publish Facebook one too.

Example of Erlang crossdomain policy server for Adobe Flash

Some time ago I had to use sockets from Adobe Flash/Flex, so needed a simple one implemented in Erlang. I do not suggest to use it exactly like it listed below, but you may find some idea for your project there. I hope that you know what I am talking about, if you are reading this article, so do not want to waist your time...

PS: Adobe Flash policy server Erlang implementation available (very basic one).