SSL how to: install ssl on Lighttpd

I would like to thin about this article like about set of brief notes about SSL configuration on Ligghtpd web server. They helped me some time ago, and may help somebody else and may be will help me once again some time soon...

Erlang : UDP socket usage example with gen_udp

UDP is a widely used protocol and Erlang is a great platform for different network application different kinds. Today I decided to publish small UDP echo server example. I know that UDP socket usage is very simple in Erlang, but I think somebody will find this code usefull.

Erlang TCP server & TCP client sockets with gen_tcp

Today I am going to write a brief article about Erlang gen_tcp usage. Probably the reader already has experience with sockets programming. But just to remind server architecture. First of all listening socket should be created, than server is going into accept state waiting for new connection. Once new connection is accepted server creates new thread to process incoming packets. While server waits for another connection.

Using MySQL: select random row, but fast

MySQL usageRandom rows selection may be slow and there are several commonly used solutions to solve this problm could be googled. In my article I am trying to review a few algorithms and to describe benefits and limitations of them.

Let me know if I have missed some good algorithm.

Using MySQL: ways to improve speed

Using MySQLAs I have mentioned in one of my previous articles I am slightly disappointed in MySQL prepared statements, so I decided to look to theold and proven ways to improve the speed of the MySQL interaction. But what is even more impressive this approach allows even reduce hardware utilization.

This article describes SQL only and does not include PHP or erlang implementations, I hope publish some code soon.

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