Google Crome bug: related positioning & rounded corners. Simple solution.

Google Chrome border radius bugA couple of days ago I had to solve/handle the Google Chrome issue with the rounded corners in a scrolled area. First I have not even believed that something like that is possible with such a popular browser, but however had to find a solution. So, in my artile I am describibg such a solution in hope that this will save somebody little time and expecting a feedback if I have made something stupid.

Javascript: How to check dependencies and load missed libraries. JQuery example.

Javascript dependenciesToday I want to provide quite simple code that helps to check and load required libraries. I have met this problem while creating some code that should be delivered to different sites and I am not sure what libraries are loaded there and what are not. So, I decided to check and load dependencies from the script.

PHP MySQL incremental backup/restore implementation (download the script)

I have published two small scripts that allows to create and restore data from mysql database filtered by date, so I can define this as incremental backup. Article describes the backup/restore scripts configuration. The scripts themselves can be downloaded from the GitHub, links are available at the end of the article.

Javascript: weighted random value from array

Weighted randomToday I decided to publish small article and code describing weighted random values generation or better to say selects values from the array randobly based on weight values. actaully algorithms are widely known and I am just publishing javascript implementation of one of them, I think one of the best ones.

Using MySQL PHP: select random row based on weight

PHP MySQL random row selection based on weightArticle describes algorithm of random row selection based on weight, so some rows will be selected more often than other. Article includes sample codes, so I hope will bу helpful to somebody.

Do not hesitate to leave comments if you have ideas how to improve the algorithm.