Gedit indent/unindent hot keys

I my post on twitter I was incorrect, so just decided to post it here:

Gedit indent - select lines & just press TAB

Gedit unindent - select lines & just press Shift+TAB

If you are using Gedit for coding, you can find my post about Gedit templates plugin useful.

Read complete article: Gedit indent/unindent hot keys

Gedit plugin: Template plugin / New from template

I am not sure how many people finding Gedit good enough as an editor for programming purposes, but I am using it exactly that way and quite happy with its functionality. Especially I like its integration with gnome virtual file system, that allows it to work directly on remote hosts, and ability to use and create new plugins for it.

Here is a brief description & download link of template plugin I have written for myself. So, you may find it useful too.