Javascript crc3232 that mathes PHP crc32 and works well with unicode

Javascript crc32 implementationMany programmers including me are using hashes to solve different problems, and when we are using hash function in web application we want client-side and server-sire values of hash for the same value to match. So, trying to solve this problem for javascript implementation of CRC32 algorithm and PHP implementation of the same algorithm I got this article and the code that I have included to the article.

HTML5: Selected image preview jQuery plugin

jQuery file previewHTML 5 provides lot of different ways to improve user experience of our websites (I wish I have time to use at least some of them on my blog smiley). However recently I worked on a couple of websites where it was important to provide different variations of image previews with html & javascript. There were simple image previews, multiple image preview and image as background previews. Sure I had to create some javascript module that would be simple to customize for my needs. Today I am publishing this or slightly modified code, so feel free to change it and provide your feedback.

Google Chrome session cookie expiration issue/feature - your personal data is insecure now!

Not long ago I was happy that modern and standards complaint browsers are gaining the market and hoped that web programming will become more and more happy and interesting job with HTML5 and three major web browsers compete with aproximately equal shares. But Google Chrome developers have not allowed me to be happy for a long time. They generating new bugs and naming them features. Some of that "features" making me really sad.

Google Crome bug: related positioning & rounded corners. Simple solution.

Google Chrome border radius bugA couple of days ago I had to solve/handle the Google Chrome issue with the rounded corners in a scrolled area. First I have not even believed that something like that is possible with such a popular browser, but however had to find a solution. So, in my artile I am describibg such a solution in hope that this will save somebody little time and expecting a feedback if I have made something stupid.

Javascript: How to check dependencies and load missed libraries. JQuery example.

Javascript dependenciesToday I want to provide quite simple code that helps to check and load required libraries. I have met this problem while creating some code that should be delivered to different sites and I am not sure what libraries are loaded there and what are not. So, I decided to check and load dependencies from the script.