SSL how to: Get a server certificate from

Article is a very blief, but complete set of instuctions on how to get free SSL sertificate from StartSSL. As far as they do not providing SSL certificates for commercial purposes I had to purchase higher class certificate from them, so I can confirm that these instructions can be applied to higher lever certificates.

SSL how to: self-signed SSL certifiate creation with open ssl

SSL certificates are widely used in the Internet by different services, so we should be able to create SSL certificates. In my other article I have described how to get free SSL certificate from StartSSL. It is freee, but process is quite complicated anyway and they are providing certificates non-commercial project only. The other way to get certificate is to generate self-signed SSL certificate. That is what I am going to describe in this article and going to use it in my future articles and scripts.

Erlang SSL sockets example (ssl echo server & ssl client)

Today I decided to prepare and publish simple example of SSLsockets usages. As in my previous articles about TCP & UDP sockets I decided to write simple echo server that just returns the pacage it gets. Okay, I do not whant to waist your time and suggest just to go to the article.

SSL how to: install ssl on Postfix smtp server

As you may already know, I am publishing or better to say re-publishing SSL related articles from my old blog. This article provides simple instructions on Postfix SSL/TLS configuration.

SSL how to: install ssl on eJabberd

eJabberd is very configurable jabber server written in Erlang. By the way it is not too hard to write new module and extend it this way, but this is not a subject of theis article. This article simply explains how to configure it to use SSL certificate.