Gedit plugin: Template plugin / New from template

I am not sure how many people finding Gedit good enough as an editor for programming purposes, but I am using it exactly that way and quite happy with its functionality. Especially I like its integration with gnome virtual file system, that allows it to work directly on remote hosts, and ability to use and create new plugins for it.

With the release of new version of gnome environment & new version of Gedit text editor I met some problems with the compatibility of old plugins. So, I have to redo some plugins I have used before. First of all I decided to implement plugin that allows creation of new documents from templates.

Plugin is quite simple, but I have not much python programming experience and I should notice that there seems not much documentation available about new Gedit, Gtk Python API.... So, if someone has more experience in Python or have some good ideas regarding the plugin functionality you are welcome to fork Git repo or post a comment here.

Plugin on GitHub:

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