Erlang string to IP coversion and IP to string conversion. Works for IPv6 string to Erlang IP tuple conversion and Erlang IP tule to IPv6 address string.

As far as I have described how to convert Erlang IP tuple into integer and visa versa, so I thought why do not continue this topic with one more "conversion" articles. Sure you can find this info in the Internet, but as far as I have already touched IP, probably even this article will not be the last one.

So, Erlang kernel has an undocumented module for dealing with ipv4 and ipv6 internet addresses: inet_parse. This is mentioned briefly in the inet documentation and I think that in programming most convenience way to learn and understand something are examples.

Here is a string to Erlang tuple conversion:

1> inet_parse:address("").
2> inet_parse:address("::1").
3> inet_parse:address("300.400.500.600").

And here is Erlang tuple to string conversion:

1> inet_parse:ntoa({127,0,0,1}).
2> inet_parse:ntoa({0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1}).

Looks like this is not going to be my last IP related article, so follow my blog in twitter

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